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The Warranty Process:

Home Warranty Process

A home warranty is a contract between a Provider and a Homeowner.  For a monthly or annual fee, the home warranty provider typically agrees to cover the cost of repair and/or replacement of one or more of a homes’ appliances, major systems such as plumbing, electrical and heating and cooling, and possibly other components of a home, structural or otherwise, when they fail due to normal wear and tear.  Insurable events, such as floods and house fires, that cause a system failure, are not covered by a home warranty.  Most warranty contracts require the homeowner to pay a deductible or copay when the repair is performed.  All warranty contracts detail exemptions, exclusions, limits and other scope of service limitations.

Home warranty contracts vary, review yours thoroughly.

When a repair need arises, the homeowner will contact their warranty provider, who then forwards the repair request on to one of their service providers to diagnose, and potentially repair the system failure.

TotalPRO conducts home plumbing repairs on behalf of a dozen different home warranty providers.  We don’t set the warranty company rules, but we can help you with understanding what is covered and paid for, and which expenses, if any, are your responsibility.

For example, when conducting a main-line drain cleaning, most warranty providers will cover the cost of clearing the blockage – at least up to a set length and as long as there is a convenient access.  However, there are times that the source of the blockage is found to be roots or a collapsed pipe.  It these cases the warranty company will pay the cost up to the diagnosis of roots or a collapsed pipe, from that point on, if a repair is to continue, the homeowner is responsible for the cost of the repair.  There are some warranty policies that will cover roots, and other policies that will pay for the replacement of collapsed pipes, but these are usually upgraded package options… the “Gold Package” with a higher fee. 

Another example is in the replacement of a water heater that cannot be repaired.  The warranty contract may cover the cost of the tank and the labor to disconnect the old tank and install the new tank.  The contract likely won’t cover any costs associated with bringing venting or piping up to code, installing an expansion tank, relocating the tank, upgrading the tank, removing and disposing the old tank, correcting non-code compliant plumbing, and other things that might be included in the replacement of a water heater.  In these examples the homeowner is responsible for the additional costs (and any deductible). 

Additionally, for liability reasons, warranty providers won’t allow us to remove or modify Radon protection systems.  If a sump pump is located under a sealed Radon cover, the homeowner must first have the Radon protection provider open the pit for access and to reseal the pit afterwards.  We are also prohibited from accessing drain lines via rooftop vents.

While most home warranty plans offer a wide range of coverage, some situations are not covered by a typical home warranty, include:

  • Neglect and failure to do scheduled maintenance
  • Cosmetic dents and scratches
  • Acts of nature/insurable causes
  • Damage caused by homeowner or previous third-party accident or negligence
  • Improper and non-code compliant installations or repairs
  • Pest damage
  • Misuse/abuse

It needs to be stressed that homeowners should read their warranty contracts thoroughly and become familiar with the terms and conditions.  TotalPRO does not have the right or ability to modify, change or exempt any part of the warranty agreement between the warranty provider and the homeowner.

General Disclaimers and Understandings:


Old plumbing systems can begin to leak water as joints, seals and solders begin to age and fail.  While dirt, rust and corrosion deteriorate plumbing materials and create cracks and holes for its escape.  

Water leaks first from the weakest point in the plumbing system.  It is very common that when an identified leak is fixed, a new leak develops at the site of what had been the second weakest point in the plumbing system

In situations like this, a second leak, that was not present at the time as the first leak, is a new, separate repair, not part of the original warranty claim – and not a recall.  The homeowner can submit a second claim to their warranty company.   

This is why it is important to inspect and test a leak repair to verify the leak has indeed been fixed and no water is seen.  The TotalPRO technician will do this before leaving the job.

Pipes and Fixtures

Even being as cautious as possible, old brittle plumbing pipe and fixtures, specially sink drains and traps, will frequently break or crumble when any attempt is made to disconnect them, run a snake or line through them, or twist or bend them in order to conduct a needed repair.  Homeowners are liable for old fragile or deteriorated plumbing or fixtures that are prone to leak or break during normal repair. 

In circumstances where materials fail, break or become unusable, the homeowner is responsible for the cost or parts and labor for anything not covered by the warranty provider.  Additionally, TotalPRO is not responsible for any clean up or remediation costs, any repair or restoration, related to old brittle plumbing breaking or failing during an attempted repair.  Further, TotalPRO is not responsible for any loss the homeowner may incur, material or otherwise, as a result of the failure or breaking of any existing plumbing during an attempted repair.

Work Area Impact

TotalPRO will try to minimize the damage to the work area, but will not be responsible for any concrete, asphalt, walls, cabinets, sod, landscaping, sprinklers, water lines, gas lines, cable TV lines, pool re-circulation lines, pool filtration lines, or any other utility lines, walkways, driveways, and/or any other structural damage to the property.

TotalPRO is not responsible for damage to personal property to include but not be limited to, attic insulation, ceilings, ceiling textures, walls, floor coverings, equipment, cabinets, counter tops, paint or stain, nor for the repair of any cosmetic defects. We do not repair or replace wallpaper, other wall coverings, or floor coverings.

Sometimes during a plumbing related repair, supply or drain water will be released.  Plumbing stoppages may spew or emit wastewater and odors into living spaces.  We try our best to avoid and minimize these situations. 

In completing repairs, Homeowner recognizes that there is a risk of damage to persons or property. Homeowner recognizes that TotalPRO’s liability shall be limited to furnishing labor and parts necessary to remedy any defects in parts or workmanship which are covered by our Warranty on our services. TotalPRO is not responsible for personal injury or for any indirect, incidental or consequential damages to persons or property as a result of actions taken to attempt a repair.


TotalPRO is not responsible for restoration of any access made to attempt the repair.

A specific repair may require cutting of drywall, flooring or other interior household finish materials in order to access plumbing lines or parts.  If an access must be created to locate the site of a plumbing repair, TotalPRO will make the required access in such a way as to minimize damage and aid in the ease of restoration – to the extent possible.  TotalPRO will clean up debris created from the cutting of access; however, the homeowner is responsible for all restoration of drywall or other materials affected in this manner. 

Special Circumstances

In cleaning or snaking sewers which are broken or separated, there is an increased risk that the cables from the sewer machine may become lodged in the sewer. This rarely happens but in case the cable gets stuck in the drain line, the homeowner is responsible for the cost of removing and/or recovering the cables.  The cables will need to be removed promptly to avoid further damage to the sewer pipes located on the owner’s property or those on the county side of the sewer line. The owner would be responsible for the cost of lost or damaged cables.

We do not service polybutylene piping. 

Sweating Pipes

Dripping water doesn’t necessarily indicate a leak. Sometimes there’s so much water dripping from a pipe that you’re sure there must be a leak somewhere. On closer examination, however, you may discover there is no leak but rather sweating, or condensation, on the pipe.

Sweating occurs when the water inside the pipe is much colder than surrounding humid air. During the summer, the surrounding air is naturally hot; in winter, the air is heated by the furnace. In either case, when warm, humid air reaches cold pipes, drops of moisture form and drip as if there was a tiny hole in the pipe.

One effective way to control the moisture problem of a sweating pipe is to insulate the pipes.

Mold Waiver and Release of Liability

TotalPRO is not responsible for any mold that is released or agitated, dispersed as a result of any attempted repair – either to the homeowner or any guest, visitor, or occupant of the household.  We are not mold experts and are not qualified to identify, and therefore cannot alert you to any mold present. 

In consideration for the repair services to be performed by TotalPRO, homeowner acknowledges that the Services may have risk of mold and Homeowner expressly agrees to assume the risk of all damages and injury to property or persons, if any, resulting from any and all mold related damages. (Mold related damages shall include, but not be limited to, damages related to mold, fungus, rust, corrosion or other bacteria or organisms). Homeowner hereby releases the Company and its agents, owners, and employees from all claims, losses, damages, risks, or causes of action, whether now known or unknown, arising now or in the future and arising directly or indirectly, from the services which result in damages caused by mold or mold related issues. This release includes claims related to property damage, personal injury, loss of income, emotional distress, death, loss of use, loss of value, and adverse health effects, or any other effects.

The TotalPRO Story:


The Home Warranty Industry – TotalPRO was formed in 2015 to serve the repair plumbing needs of Home Warranty Providers and their homeowner customers who own Home Warranty Contracts.  Home Warranty Providers rely on a network of quality contractors to provide diagnostic, repair and replacement services when required. 

TotalPRO focuses on a specific plumbing market segment, that is: Home Warranty Plumbing Repairs. 

  • To do this we focus on treating the homeowners we serve on behalf of our warranty provider clients, as our own customer. 
  • To do this we also focus on the needs of the executive at the warranty provider responsible for managing the service network. 

The Home Warranty industry is a multi-billion dollar subset of the $600 billion Home Services market and growing at a 5% annual rate.

The Plumbing Industry – There is a significant difference in the operations of a trade focused on commercial vs residential markets.   There is a significant difference in the operations of a trade focused on new construction vs service and maintenance.   Even within the “Service & Maintenance” designation there are differences between plumbers who work ‘retail’ and those who specialize in emergency or warranty repairs. 

TotalPRO’s focus is on:

  • Residential Markets
    • Service and Maintenance
      • Emergency Warranty Repairs

TotalPRO’s Reach – TotalPRO started doing business in 2015 with one vehicle and two technicians serving one Warranty Provider in Franklin County Ohio.  We quickly expanded into the six central Ohio counties and the greater Dayton, Ohio area.  A year later we expanded to four additional counties around the Cincinnati, Ohio area.

Today TotalPRO runs seven technicians, in seven service vehicles across most of central and southwestern Ohio, in service of eight Home Warranty Providers*.  In 2021 we provided plumbing services to over 5,000 households. 

* TotalPRO is partnered with Providers that control over 80% of all Ohio Home Warranties.  We hold the designation of Primary or Lead with each of them – meaning, we are the first or only servicer that receives jobs in our trade and territory from them.


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